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We are a company dealing with direct import and export of rock materials and glass mosaic, used for realization of gardens, alleys, grounds, parks, interior and exterior facing/tiling and covering of houses , pools and other decorations.


Presentation of rock materials

We are presenting our production to some of best quarry in Bulgaria, well known at Bulgarian and international markets:


- Gneiss: - white, fawn, dark-grey, light-grey, dark-green, brown and black

- Sandstones : red, brown

- Various kinds of limestone


For beauty of your external decoration:

- Moon stone : manually selected

- River stone : manually selected

- Tuff : red, yellow and blue-green

- Paving-stone and curb stones : red , grey and black

For wider range of colour scale and more variety of natural stone, the company is direct importer of rock materials from Turkey.

All photos of stones, specified in our site are natural, and their beauty is supplemented also by various polishing, sizes and variations from natural colours.


The Point Stone Ltd.