Advantages of stone when used for flooring and facing


Not only in Bulgaria, but throughout the world we are increasingly returning to ancient building traditions, relying on natural materials. Wood and natural stone are the main materials for new and renovated homes. For walls, stone is the best choice as it combines resistance and natural charm. Suffice it to mention the beautiful quartzite and sandstone wall coverings of houses in ethnographic complexes and architectural objects, in Bulgaria, as well as for walls of coliseums and towers, streets and historical complexes and throughout the world. And among the types of covering stones for walls and stone floors and paving, quartzite enjoys great attention, which gives a new charm and intimacy, and sandstone, which creates architectural value and brings the breath of the traditions of the past. All of this creates an art that stands the test of time, a tradition that continues the spirit of our ancestors, and a future that creates ever more diverse ideas, each of them unique and beautiful in their own way.